Imbesi Law P.C. has been able to succeed as a law firm because our clients recognize that we have lawyers with talent and innovation to represent them in complex matters.  We work hard because our clients depend on us and we want to remain a leader in the legal marketplace.

Commencing when you commit to join our firm, you will be an active part of our commitment to exceptional representation; working with colleagues on legal matters where you are valued for your skills, outlook, innovation and experience.

Our firm actively recruits people from many national and cultural backgrounds.  We expect intelligence and academic excellence and the ability to resolve complex issues in the best interest of our clients. Your colleagues will depend on you to perform tasks accurately and efficiently.  It is absolutely vital to of our clients and the firm that your professional standards and conduct exceed that of an average attorney.

We value our colleagues’ interests outside the office and respect differences. Imbesi Law P.C. is committed to recruiting the right people and helping them develop into successful legal professionals.

Attorneys interested in joining our firm should send a resume, via e-mail, to:


Law & Undergraduate Students

Legal Internships
Imbesi Law P.C.’s internship program is designed to assist both law students and undergraduates with the ability to evaluate various legal practice areas. The firm offers its internship program throughout the academic year and summer.  Under the guidance of our attorneys, we provide our interns with actual work for real clients.  Interns get to work in practice areas for which they are interested.

Columbia University Internship Program
Imbesi Law P.C. offers students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate programs at Columbia University, the opportunity to work for the firm during both the fall and spring semesters.  Columbia University students interested in the participating in the firm’s internship program should complete the firm’s application on the school’s career Web page or contact Mr. Imbesi via the alumni association.

All students that want to be considered for the firm’s internship program should send a resume, via e-mail, to